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WHP-001 INFERNAL DEMON'Only Christian Die' Compilation Tape. (It's a debut Onslaught.before to WHP KULT/Limited 200) SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-001D ENGORGED‘Death Metal 2.Tape(Licensed from Razorback Recs.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-002D SKINLESS'Progression Towards.Tape(licensed from the band.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-003DTHY PRIMORDIAL'Heresy Of An Age Of Reason.'Tape(licensed from Pulverised Recs.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-004D DESECRATION'Inhuman.'Tape(Licensed from band.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-005D ABORTED'The Purity Of Perversion.'Tape(Licensed from Uxicon Recs.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-006D PSYCHRIST 'Embrace Rapture In Disgust.' Tape(Licensed from Dissident Recs.)SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-007D MACHETAZO'Carne De Cementerio.'Tape(Licensed from Razorback Recs.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-008D SCURVY'DEMOTAPE 2000.(Limited 500 copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-009D INSISION'Entangled In Thorns'Demotape 2000.(Limited 500 copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-010D ABHORRENCE'Evoking The Abomination'.Tape(licensed from Evil Vengeance Recs.)SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-011D LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY'Hymns Of Indigestible Suppuation.'Tape(Licensed from Bones Brigade Recs.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-012D INHUMATE'Growth.'Tape(Licensed from the band.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-013D SINTURY'Disgoring The Dead.' Tape(Licensed from TXDM.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-014D CATASEXUAL URGE MOTIVATION'The Encyciopedia Of Serial Murders'Tape.(Licensed from Razorback Recs.) SOLD OUT!!!
BURIAL SHROUD'Angelic Annihilation'MCD.(limited 1000 copies).$13 USD.AVAILABLED!!!!
WHP-015D GOATHORNS'Fullmoon Worship.'demotape.(Limited 200 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-016D DEVOURMENT'1.3.8' Tape.(Licensed from TXDM.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-017D GOREROTTED'Mutilated In Minutes.'Tape.(Licensed from Dead Again Recs.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-018D SPLATTED CADAVER'Merciless Butchery.'Tape.(Licensed from United Guttural Recs.)SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-019D WACO JESUS'The Destruction Of Commercial Scum.'Tape.(Licensed from United Guttural Recs.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-020D VEXED'Endless Armageddon.'Tape album.(Limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-021D KILL'Nocturnal Death.'Demotape.(Limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-022D NUCLEAR DESECRATION‘Preparing For The Attack 2005 & 2006’Demotape.(Limited 100 handsnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-023D GOATHORNS/THE TRUE ENDLESS'Split Tape.(Limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-024D SABBAT/ABIGAIL 'Kamikaze Splitting Roar'Split live tape.(Limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-025D AMOK/AUDIOPAIN'Split Tape.(Limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-026D EIDOMANTUM'At War With Eidomantum' Ep Tape.(Limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-027D NUNSLAUGHTER'Devil Metal' Tape album.(Limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-028D PENTACLE'Ride The Moon Storm'Tape album.(Limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-029D SHAMBLES'Blasphemous Vengeance'.Demotape 03.(Limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-030D METALUCIFER'Heavy Metal Chainsaw' Tape album.(Limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-031D MACHETAZO 'Trono De Huesos'.Tape(Licensed from Razorback Recs.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-032D GOATVOMIT/KRATORNAS'Sovereigns Gathered.'Split-tape.(Limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-033D CUTTHROAT'Thrash Metal Slaughter'Live tape.(Limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-034D FARSCAPE'Demon's Massacare.'Tape album.(Limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-035D BLOODY GORE'Blood Driven Vehemence.'Tape album.(Licensed from Uxicon Recs.)SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-036D HAEMORRHAGE/IMPALED'Dementia Rex.'Tape album.(licensed from Razorback Recs.)SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-037D DEBODIFIED'Utorpia in the Eyes of a Beast'Tape album.(Licensed from Comatose Recs.) SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-038D KRETAN'Christian Corpse Mutilation.'Tape album.(Licensed from Comatose Recs.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-039D NOCTURNAL/TOXIC HOLOCAUST'Thrashbeast from Hell.'Split-tape.(Limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-040D URGEHAL ' Atomkinder.'Tape album.(Limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-041D BLASPHEMINATOR'Dead To The World' Demotape.(Limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-042D SABBAT/DESASTER’Sabbatical Desasterminator’Split CD.(limited 666 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-043D KOLDBRANN‘Nekrotisk Inkvisition’Tape album.(limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-044D NUNSLAUGHTER’One Night In Hell’Tape album.(limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-045D METALUCIFER’Heavy Metal NarokOsaka Chainsaw Massacre’Live CD.(limited 666 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-046D SABBAT/GORGON‘Sabbatical Gorgonslaught’Split CD.(limited 666 handnumbered copies.) SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-047D LORD’Hell’s Fucking Metal’Tape album.(limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-048D METAL INQUISITOR‘The Apparition’Tape album.(limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-049D MORSGATT‘Sermon Anus Metal’Tape album.(limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-050D ABIGAIL’Alive… In Thailand.’CD.(limited 1000 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-051D SABBAT/SURRENDER OF DIVINITY‘Sabbatical SiameseChristbeheading’Split CD. (limited 1000 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-052D ABIGAIL/WINDS OF GENOCIDE'Satanik Apokalyptic Kamikaze Kommandos'Split CD.(limited 1000 copies) 10 Eur./$12 Usd. AVAILABLED !!!!!!
WHP-053D SACCAGE'Death Crust Satanique'CD.(limited 1000 copies.)$13 Usd.AVAILABLED!!!!
WHP-054D VEXED’Endless Armageddon’CD.(limited 1000 handsnumbered copies.)$13 Usd.AVAILABLED !!!!
WHP-056D EVIL'The Beginning with Evil's Blood'Tape.(limited 50 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-057D REVENGE’Attack.Blood.Revenge’Tape album.(limited 500 handsnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-058D TYPHUS’Profound Blasphemous Proclamation’Tape.(limited 500 handsnumbered copies.) SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-059D NECROPSIA’Die Fucking Bastard.’ CD.(limited 1000 handnumbered copies.)$14 Usd. AVAILABLED!!!!
WHP-060D SABBAT/GOATSEMEN’Sabbatical Goat Semen’CD.(Limited 1000 handsnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-061D CUTTHROAT’Rape!Rape!Rape!’CD(limited 1,000 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-062D BLOODRAISED’Demotape’.(limited 133 handnumbered copies.)AVAILABLED!!!
WHP-063D HEKSERI’The Atrocity’Demo tape.(limited 200 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-065D WOUNDS/PYOVELI’Storming Thrash Vengeance’Split CD.(limited 1000 handnumbered copies.)$13 Usd. AVAILABLED!!!!
WHP-066D DEIPHAGO/NECROHOLOCAUST’God Of Holocaust’Split CD(limited 1000 handnumbered copies.) SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-068D WARRIORS OF SATAN’The Commandments Of Satan’Demotape.(limited 133 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-069D WITCH’S SABBATH’I:Black Ritual’Demotape.(limited 133 handnumbered copies.)AVAILABLED!!!
WHP-070D WITCHAVEN’Unholy Thrash Attack’Tape album.(limited 200 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-071D STREET FORCE’Infinite Battles’Demotape-2007(limited 150 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-072D BEWITCHER'Wild Blasphemy'Demotape (limited 100 handsnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-073D GOATFAGO"Atomic Possession" Cd-r.(limited 33 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-074D BESTIAL MOCKERY’The Unholy Trinity’CD.(limited 1,000 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-075D MARKHOR’Wast Of Flesh’Demo-2007 CD-r.(limited 33 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-076D POWERED BY DEATH'Plug It In'Demotape(limited 66 handsnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-077D WOE’Absinthe Invocation’Demo-2007 CD-r.(limited 33 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-078D ANCIENT REIGN’Forests of Old’Demo-2007 Cd-r.(limited 33 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-079D SPERM OF MANKIND’S/T’Demo-2007 Cd-r.(limited 33 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-080D TERRORIST KOMMANDO’Ebrios Y Escandalosos’Demo-2007 Cd-r.(limited 33 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-081D BEER CORPSE’Morbid Fermentation’Demo-2007 Cd-r.(limited 33 handnumbered copies.) SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-082D EXECUTION’Satanic Speed Metal Demos’Demotape.(limited 150 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-083D INFECTONATOR'Brainfuckers'EP-Tape 2013.(limited 66 handsnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-084D WITCHINGHOUR ’Arrival Of The Dark Throne’Demotape.(limited 100 handnumbered copies.) SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-085D METRALIATOR‘Fast As A Bullet’Demotape.(Limited 100 handsnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-086D UTGARD’Brethren Of Wolves’CD.(limited 1000 handnumbered copies.) $13 USD.AVAILABLED !!!!
WHP-087D DISGRAVED'Demotape 2013'(limited 66 handsnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-088D RETURN'Rehearsal Demotape 2011'(Limited 66 handnumbered copies.) SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-089D WARSENAL'Demotape.(limited 50 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-090D NEKROMANTEION'Spirit Of Darkness' 7"EP.(Limited 150 handnumbered copies./co-releases woth to Unholy Blasphemies Prods.) AVAILABLED !!!
WHP-091D DEATHFUCKER'Fuck The Trinity' Demo 2016.(Limited 100 handnumbered copies.) AVAILABLED !!!
WHP-092D HOODED MENACE’The Eyeless Horde’Demotape.(limited 100 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-093D INVOCATION WAR’Infinite Power’Demotape.(limited 150 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-094D PURIFICATION KOMMANDO’Dawn of The Nuclear Holocaust’Demotape.(limited 133 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-095D DEATHHAMMER’First Blood’Demotape.(limited 150 copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-096D SABBAT’Live In ThailanDemonslaught’CD.(limited 1000 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-097D BARBATOS’Live In Alcoholic Downtown’CD.(limited 1000 handnumbered copies.)$13 Usd. AVAILABLED !!!!
WHP-098D BESTIAL MOCKERY’Sepulchral Wrath’CD.(limited 1111 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-100D SKULLFACE’Crypts of Death’CD.(limited 1000 handnumbered copies.)$13 Usd.AVAILABLED !!!!
WHP-101D BESTIAL TORTURE’Blackened Metal Damnation’Demotape.(limited 200 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-102D SATANIC CUMSHOT’Lolita…Tu Perrote Tiene Ganas’Demotape/D.I.Y.(limited 33 copies.) SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-103D MERCILLESS’Possessed By Thrash’Demotape.(limited 100 copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-104D PURIFICATION KOMMANDO/OFFER KULT’Nuclear War’Split tape.(limited 200 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-105D ORK BASTARDS’Final Price’Demotape.(limited 200 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-106D ROTTEN’Troopers of Midnight’CD.(limited 1000.)$13 Usd.AVAILABLED !!!!
WHP-112D CALAMITOUS’Aspirant Decease’Demotape.(limited 200 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-113D ARMOUR’Sonichouse Tape Siamese Invasion’CD.(Limited 1000 copies.)$13 Usd. AVAILABLED !!!!
WHP-114D BEER CORPSE’Rough As Guts’Demotape.(limited 200 handsnumbered copies)$12 Usd. AVAILABLED !!!!
WHP-115D SKULL FIST‘Heavier Than Metal’Demotape.(limited 250 handsnumbered copies)SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-116D METALUCIFER‘Heavy Metal Bulldozer’Digi-Cd.(limited 1500 copies.)SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-117D WITCHAVEN‘Unholy Thrash Attak’CD.(limited 1000 copies) $13 Usd.AVAILABLED!!!!
WHP-118D SCAREMAKER’Burning Inquisition’Demotape.(limited 250 handsnumbered copies) $12 Usd. AVAILABLED!!!!
WHP-119D MIDNIGHT PREY'The Savage Sessions'Demotape.(limited 66 handsnumbered copies)SOLD OUT !!!

WHP-120D M-16‘Invasao Dos Mortos’Demotape 2010.(limited 126 handsnumbered copies)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-120D SABBAT’Live In San Francisconslaught’CD (limited 1000 copies.)$13 Usd.AVAILABLED !!!!
WHP-121D SNMS’Demotape 09’.(limited 250 handsnumbered copies) $12 Usd.AVAILABLED!!!!
WHP-123D WITCHAVEN‘Terrorstorm’Tape album.(limited 300 handsnumbered copies)SOLD OUT!!!!
WHP-125D NUCLEAR FROST‘D-BEAT WAR 83/Winter Bombs 83’Demotape.(limited 300 handsnumbered copies) $12 Usd.AVAILABLED!!!!
WHP-126D WINDS OF GENOCIDE’Apokalyptic Death Crust’Demotape.(limited 200 handsnumbered copies)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-127D COITUS DIABOLI’Goat Kult’EP Tape.(limited 333 handsnumbered copies)$12 Usd Usd.AVAILABLED!!!
WHP-128D NUCLEAR WARFARE’Hammers For Evil Blood’EP Tape.(Co-releases with to'HORRORREGIME' limited 250 handsnumbered copies) SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-130D SIAMESE BARBARIC NUCLEAR WARMAGEDDON‘3 Ways Split Nuclear Tape’(limited 300 handsnumber copies)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-131D SABBATICAL NUNSLAUGHTER GOAT METAL ASSAULT’SPLIT TAPE.(2 Cassettetapes limited 300 handsnumbered copies.SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-132D MOSH ANGEL’In the sign of Mosh Angel’Demotape.(limited 250 handnumbered copies.) SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-133D ABIGAIL'Live At Road To Hell Vol.3'Live Tape EP.(limited 66 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!!
WHP-134D SABBAT'Sabbatical SiamesEvilucifer # 1 LP.(limited 55 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-135D SABBAT’Sabbatical SiamesEvilucifer # 2 LP.(limited 55 handsnumbered copies)SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-138D REMAIN‘Demo#1’Demotape.(limited 250 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-139D GOATCHRIST 666‘Desecration Of Vergin’Ep Tape.(limited 250 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-140D NUCLEAR FROST’Nuclear Winter Gloom’CD.(limited 1000 copies.)NOT OUT YET !!!!
WHP-141D BLACK FEAST’Worship Of Darkness’Demotape.(limited 250 handnumbered copies)SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-142D LOBOTOMY’Speed Metal Warfare’Demotape.(limited 250 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-143D DARKNESS’Death Squad’Tape version’.(limited 500 handsnumbered copies)NOT OUT YET !!!!!!
WHP-144D SABBAT'Sabbatical Witchhammerslaughter'LP.(limited 100 handsnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-145D ISENBLAST'Unleashing the Demon Scourge' Tape.(limited 50 handnumbered copies.) AVAILABLED !!!
WHP-146D ANTEBELLUM666'Ritos Andoracion AI Chivo'Live Tape.(limited 66 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-147D ABIGAIL'Eastern Black Metal Yakuza'LP.(limited 150 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!!
WHP-149D GOATSEMEN'Holocausto'DemoTape.(limited 66 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!!
WHP-150D RANSOM CALL'Creatures On The Loose'Demotape.(limited 50 handnumbered copies.)$12 Usd.AVAILABLED!!!
WHP-151D EVIL KILLER 'S/T' DEMOTAPE.(Limited 50 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!!
WHP-152D KONFORM'Conform And Die'Demotape (Limited 50 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-153D MORBID ECLIPSE'The Bombs Sheiter Session'Ep Tape.(limited 50 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-154D ETERNAL KHAN'A Primitive History'Ep Tape.(limited 55 handnumbered copies.)$12Usd. AVAILABLED!!!!
WHP-155D INCARCERATION'Sacrifice'Ep Tape.(Limited 66 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-156D BIOTOXIC WARFARE'Baptized in Blood and Greed'Ep Tape.(limited 50 handnumbered copies.)$12 Usd.SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-157D TRENCHGRINDER'Demo Tape 2015.(limited 50 handnumbered copies.)$12 Usd.SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-158D MUTANT SUPREMACY'Born In A Mourgue'Cassette Tape.(Limited 50 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-159D MURDIENA'DEMOTAPE # 1'.(Limited 50 handnumbered copies.) $12 Usd.SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-160D ???
WHP-161D ABIGAIL'Alive... In Thailand(We're The Pussy Hunter)7"Lathe Cut.(limited 25 handnumbered copies.) SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-162D ROTTING BULL'Beyond Ragnarok'Cassette Tape.(Limited 50 handnumbered copies.)AVAILABLED!!!
WHP-163D OUTCAST'S/T'(Limited 50 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-164D DORAID'Sign Of The Battle Axe-Singles Collection'Cassette Tape.(Limited 50 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!

WHP-165D RIVERGE'Raid For Riverging'Cassette Tape.(Limited 150 copies.)Co-releases with to Thrash Of The Dead Prods. and Horror Regime Recs.)AVAILABLED!!!
WHP-166D ABHORER'Upheaval Of Blasphemy' EP.Cassette-Tape.(Limited 200 handnumbered copies./Co-releases with to Hatred Prods.) SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-167D BRAIN CORROSION'Sleazy Supremacy' EP.Cassette-Tape.(Limited 50 handnumbered copies.) AVAILABLED!!!
WHP-168D POWERED BY DEATH'It's Only Getting Worse' Album Cassette-Tape.(Limited 50 handnumbered copies.) Coming Soon !!!
WHP-173D BLASPHEME RITES'Demo' Tape.(Limited 50 handnumbered copies.) NOT OUT YET !!!

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