DISEMBODY'Reigniting Hellfire' Tape



Black/Thrash Metal



The Official releases.!!! Limited 100 copies.in pro-cassette tape !!! 
The price have already incl. P & P (Ship to in boxcase and by registered priority airmail.) anymore !!!!

Disembody 'Reigniting Hellfire'

Side A:
1. Intro
2. Out For Blood
3. Black Magick Doom
4. In The Outer Darkness
5. Descending Into Infernal Realms
6. Devil's Possession

Side B:
7. Troops of Damnation
8. Legions of Black Fire
9. Abysmal Hellstorm
10. Blackthrashing Fist

Disembody from Rovaniemi / Oulu, Finland. We play Black/Thrash Metal influenced by bands like Sarcófago, Sodom, Destruction, and Japan's Sabbat.
Last year we independently released our first Demo/EP: 'Diabolical Deathstrike', which got good reception, and our limited run of 50 cassettes. 

J. J. Guitars, bass, vocals
A. H. Drums

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