WHP-002D SKINLESS'Progression Towards.Tape(licensed from the band.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-003DTHY PRIMORDIAL'Heresy Of An Age Of Reason.'Tape(licensed from Pulverised Recs.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-008D SCURVY'DEMOTAPE 2000.(Limited 500 copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-011D LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY'Hymns Of Indigestible Suppuation.'Tape(Licensed from Bones Brigade Recs.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-013D SINTURY'Disgoring The Dead.' Tape(Licensed from TXDM.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-015D GOATHORNS'Fullmoon Worship.'demotape.(Limited 200 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-016D DEVOURMENT'1.3.8' Tape.(Licensed from TXDM.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-020D VEXED'Endless Armageddon.'Tape album.(Limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-021D KILL'Nocturnal Death.'Demotape.(Limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-025D AMOK/AUDIOPAIN'Split Tape.(Limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-026D EIDOMANTUM'At War With Eidomantum' Ep Tape.(Limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-029D SHAMBLES'Blasphemous Vengeance'.Demotape 03.(Limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-033D CUTTHROAT'Thrash Metal Slaughter'Live tape.(Limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-040D URGEHAL ' Atomkinder.'Tape album.(Limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-041D BLASPHEMINATOR'Dead To The World' Demotape.(Limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-048D METAL INQUISITOR‘The Apparition’Tape album.(limited 500 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-058D TYPHUS’Profound Blasphemous Proclamation’Tape.(limited 500 handsnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-066D DEIPHAGO/NECROHOLOCAUST’God Of Holocaust’Split CD(limited 1000 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-073D GOATFAGO"Atomic Possession" Cd-r.(limited 33 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-077D WOE’Absinthe Invocation’Demo-2007 CD-r.(limited 33 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-078D ANCIENT REIGN’Forests of Old’Demo-2007 Cd-r.(limited 33 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-080D TERRORIST KOMMANDO’Ebrios Y Escandalosos’Demo-2007 Cd-r.(limited 33 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-084D WITCHINGHOUR ’Arrival Of The Dark Throne’Demotape.(limited 100 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-098D BESTIAL MOCKERY’Sepulchral Wrath’CD.(limited 1111 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-112D CALAMITOUS’Aspirant Decease’Demotape.(limited 200 handnumbered copies.)SOLD OUT!!!
WHP-116D METALUCIFER‘Heavy Metal Bulldozer’Digi-Cd.(VERSION INCL. PATCH limited 500 copies.) SOLD OUT !!!
WHP-140D NUCLEAR FROST’Nuclear Winter Gloom’CD.(limited 1000 copies.)NOT OUT YET !!!!
WHP-143D DARKNESS’Death Squad’Tape version’.(limited 500 handsnumbered copies)NOT OUT YET !!!!!!
WHP-160D ???
WHP-168D POWERED BY DEATH'It's Only Getting Worse' Album Cassette-Tape.(Limited 50 handnumbered copies.) Coming Soon !!!
WHP-173D BLASPHEME RITES'Demo' Tape.(Limited 50 handnumbered copies.) NOT OUT YET !!!
WHP-180 VAULTWRAITH'Unded Warlock' CD. NOT OUT YET !!!
WHP-183 OSCULM INFLAME/BODE PROFANADOR'Cassette tape.(limited 100 handnumbered copies) NOT OUT YET !!!
WHP-184 SPIRAL WHEEL'Resurrection for Revege' CD. NOT OUT YET !!!


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